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expert webhosting and ecommerce
AngelicHost has been hosting business and eCommerce sites since 1999. We know what it takes to get a successful business up and running. We also know it takes the right tools, the right eCommerce store and shopping cart, and the right user-friendly interface and setup to get online quickly. We have all the tools you need to create a professional business or eCommerce website and attract customers. All you need is something to sell.
Virtual Hosting Plans
 As low as $8.29/month
  • 50 - 500MB disk space
  • 2 - 10GB traffic/month
  • POP3/IMAP email accounts
  • Web-based email access
  • 24hr FTP/SSH access
  • CGI/PHP/FrontPage ext.
  • Administrative Control Panel
  • Disk/Traffic Usage Statistics
  • Free Shared SSL
  • mySQL (optional)
  • SiteBuilder (optional)
  • Majordomo Lists (optional)

Why choose AngelicHost?

  • High Availability / High Performance Datacenters
  • Multiple backup generators and facility wide battery backup
  • Fiber entry on two sides of the facilities
  • Redundant path fiber to our upstream providers via multiple transport providers
  • Total of 26 gigabit Internet connections through 7 backbone providers
  • Redundant network cores and a total of 30 redundant backbone routers
  • Intrusion detection systems deployed across our entire network
  • Anti-DoS filter mitigates Denial of Service attacks
eCommerce Plans
 As low as $16.63/month
  • All standard features, plus:
  • 150 - 350MB disk space
  • 5 - 8GB traffic/month
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Shopping Cart included
  • MySQL Database included
  • Secure SSL Cert (optional)
  • Merchant Account (optional)
Dedicated Servers
 Starting at $129.95/month
  • 60 - 160GB disk space
  • 1000 - 2000GB traffic
  • Unlimited Domains
  • POP3/IMAP email accounts
  • 24hr FTP/SSH access
  • CGI/PHP/FrontPage ext.
  • Choice of Control Panels
  • Disk/Traffic Usage Statistics
  AngelicHost is your one-stop eCommerce shop. From shopping carts to merchant accounts and payment gateways to secure SSL certificates, we offer everything you need to get your e-Store up and running quickly and smoothly.
To help you create a professional looking website, AngelicHost offers a variety of solutions. For the novice, SiteBuilder is a user-friendly online tool for developing professional looking websites without any special tools or expertise. For those with a good grasp of HTML but little expertise or patience with graphic design, our web templates are the perfect solution. Or, if you prefer, our professional design team can create your site from start to finish.
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