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expert webhosting and ecommerce

AngelicHost and our development partners can assist your company in designing and implementing a visually attractive, technologically superior web site. From basic web sites to fully interactive eCommerce sites, AngelicHost has the talent and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Custom programming is available in PHP, JavaScript, Perl and Pro/5 to create a truly unique web site, or to implement specialized business rules, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or other custom applications.

Check out a sampling of our varied portfolio. Each is distinct in its look, layout and behavior. We customize to fit your needs and wants and work hard to avoid that template look. We will give your site a personality that suits you and is appropriate to your business.

For the do-it-yourself type, we offer our award-winning SiteBuilder website development tools. SiteBuilder is a user-friendly, online tool for developing web sites without any special tools or expertise. This web site design tool enables any business to own a professional quality web site without the expense of hiring a professional. Test drive SiteBuilder FREE for 30 days. Click the SiteBuilder image at the top of this page to start your FREE 30 day trial.

Below and to the right is a small sample from our portfolio. Here we show some of our diversity. Some sites we do are small, others are quite large. These sites vary because we are not all the same and neither are our needs or tastes. Not all of our sites are represented, but these should give you an idea as to the variety of styles that AngelicHost is prepared to provide. Click on an image to the right to visit the site:


For a quote or more information, email our Sales Department or fill-out the form on our Feedback page.

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